Our Services

We offer Kiln Drying. We can kiln dry your lumber and ship it to a mill for finish work. One call does it all! With our professional team you get results.

We offer Custom Drying, Sales & Special Orders. Ask about our green options!


We require a 50% deposit at time of order for any custom sawing, storing, drying, or milling.

Custom Sawing

$.55/board ft for “log” run (8’-16’ long, 15”- 35” diameter, random-width, flat sawn)
$125/hour for slabs, small or large logs, quarter-sawn, dimensional, or short logs
We would appreciate a detailed cut list in advance or at time of delivery.


We are happy to store your lumber for air-drying that we will be kiln drying for you. We will sticker, stack, and end coat your wood as part of the kiln-drying process.
$.035/board foot, one-time charge for end coating your lumber
$.10/board foot storage fee per month. One month free storage. (We will estimate air-drying time but you will be charged only on actual time it takes to dry. We’ll be happy to explain the process to you.) We will not charge any storage fees until your logs are cut.
*Minimum Charge – $10/month storage fee


We will kiln-dry your lumber. We sticker and stack your wood and end coat, if appropriate. Softwoods can be dried green. All other species must be a minimum of 20% moisture content (MC). We will measure moisture content of lumber brought to us to determine actual internal MC.
Estimate of most hardwood air-drying times to 20% MC is 5-12 months per inch thick, depending on time of the year and species. This is after logs are cut into lumber and stickered correctly. Example, 4/4 red oak cut on May 15th would be ready, theoretically, for the kiln on Nov. 1st. 4/4 red oak cut on Oct. 1 would be ready, theoretically, for the kiln on Apr. 15th.
$.33/ board ft for lumber that we saw, square-edge
$.42/board ft for lumber that we saw, live-edge
$.38/board ft for pre-cut lumber, square-edge
$.47/board ft for pre-cut lumber, live-edge
*Minimum charge – $100; 10% volume discount on orders of 1000 board ft. or more for drying only